Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful herb. After listening to your stories during our Saturday morning hikes about how a judge had found relief for his arthritis pain by using turmeric, and how you had shrunk your dog’s shoulder tumor by giving her a combination of turmeric and black pepper, I decided to give it a try. My doctors had told me there was nothing further they could do for the arthritis pain I was having in my thumbs and wrists the last few years.

After taking two capsules a day for a few weeks, I noticed the soreness had subsided quite a bit. By the tenth week, I was experiencing even less soreness. I have been taking turmeric for about eight months now, and not only do I notice the soreness is gone in my hands, but my back hurts less too.

I have done much reading and research on turmeric since you introduced it to me. I have been so impressed by its anti-inflammatory properties, that I have my daughter taking it daily to reduce inflammation in her body, because she is an athlete.
One interesting fact I discovered during my research is that turmeric is also a natural treatment for acne, because acne is inflammation of the skin. Who knew! We now use it in a mask and apply to our faces and see the benefits. It’s absolutely wonderful.

Reba Sams
Beverly Hills, California

I’ve been a Turmeric user for the past three years. I started with the powder and now take the pills. I have suffered from the aches and pains of arthritis for a number of years, but Turmeric has done wonders for me. Thanks for introducing it to me.

Bob MacKay
Men’s Tennis Coach, Glendale Community College, California

A few days following my start with Turmeric capsules, my ankle/heel pain was reduced by about 90%. I was blown away at how quickly it began to work. When I missed a day, the pain was right back. I’m hooked!

Don Ross
La Crescenta, California

Since starting daily turmeric dosage a couple months ago, I noticed the chronic arthritic pain in my neck/shoulder has decreased substantially. This came after years of suffering. The doctors had told me the only recourse was temporary relief through strong pain killers which I did not want to use for fear of addiction. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful information and making the turmeric capsules available.

John Chin
Sales Engineer, California



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  1. Cathy says:

    I am excited to find your website. Recently, I started my dog on turmeric to see if it would help him with a fatty tumor he developed. BUT I wasn’t sure of the dosage and I didn’t know about the black pepper. I do give him flax seed oil. I haven’t seen a change yet – but now I plan to follow your advice and continue giving it to him. I started taking it also – for congestion and asthma – and it really helps. Thanks for the website and the passion.

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